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David Knight
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David Knight Life Coach

"You are stronger than you know, braver than you believe and smarter than you think"

David Knight - Life Coach
Life coaching allows an individual to tap into your full potential. Just as Olympic athletes wouldn’t think of training without the added insight, objective perspective and enthusiastic support of an athletic coach, many of today’s most successful business leaders, professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and CEOs use the services of a life coach to take their lives, careers, or businesses to the next level.

At times life may become a challenge and a life coach can help you blast through any limitations that are holding you back allowing you to reach out to your biggest goals and dreams.

"Coaches have the ability to view things from afar — in what some call ‘helicopter vision’ — and to shed new light on difficult situations. Often they can act as a sounding board through tough decisions, help sharpen skills, and motivate."

Video Conference Coaching
Distance coaching can be achieved through Video Conference Calls. Even light Hypnosis and NLP techniques can be done this way. Video conferencing can be followed by personal hypnosis audio that can be downloaded from this site. All you need is a telephone or computer.

Video Conference Call

Personal Hypnosis Coaching
For most people personal hypnosis will not be an option as you need to meet personally with David Knight. David Knight does travel around the globe performing seminars but the chances of personal hypnosis is slim. Thats where Video Conference Calls become the key.

David Knight Hypnotherapy

David Knight offers a Free 30 minute Internet coaching session before you purchase any program. Click Schedule to arrange a call from David Knight in person.

1. Free Online Coaching
Are you ready for success? David Knight World Class Hypnosis Life Coach offers you the opportunity to join the "Success Comes Twice" free life coaching family. Download a free success ebook, receive free guidance through the ebook from David Knight, download free hypnosis audio and join David Knight changing the world with this powerful mind shifting online program.
Available to join at any time.

2. 30 Day Online Coaching "Power Mind Hypnosis"
Sometimes its easy to just get a little stuck. This 30 Day Life Coaching Program will introduce you to powerful Hypnosis life coaching strategies that will help you start moving forwards. Discover the secrets to the subconscious mind. Use the power of hypnosis to break stress, build self confidence and get your plans back on track.

Reserve your place today for the next available online course.
Limited positions available.
Now reserving places for
January 2018.

3. Full 6 Month Online Coaching "Success Comes Twice"
Are you feeling as though you are not quite where you want to be in life. Maybe it feels like you take one step forwards and two steps back.

Maybe you don't feel satisfied by who you are or where you are going. If you are still seeking to find your true motivation and purpose in life then this
24 week online coaching program will allow you to define your true goals in life to bring your world back into balance and live the true life of your dreams.

David Knight will help you blast through and previous limiting beliefs and create a world currently beyond imagination.
Limited positions available.
Now reserving places for
February 2018.

4. Personal Coaching
David Knight Life Coach has over 30 years of full time professional experience working with individuals and companies around the world. Once problems have been highlighted David Knight will help you plough through them with ease using motivation power created by hypnosis. As a Life Coach and Master Hypnotists David Knight has the skill set to speak directly to the subconscious mind, a force that blows away limitations in an instant. Fast and Effective coaching on a 1 to 1 basis and also through the power of video conference calls.

5. Business Coaching
David Knight business coach can help you figure out your next big break through. With David Knight there is no "Fluffy Stuff" just straight forward coaching to blast through your current ceiling with Crystal Clear Clarity with personal and team motivation.

6. Motivational Speaker
David Knight Motivational Speaker can help you get your corporate message across to any size audience. If you have an important story why not get a Master Hypnotist to deliver it with power. David Knight has presented over 6,000 shows and seminars in 48 countries worldwide.

Powered By Hypnosis Audio
When life coaching from a distance David Knight will use powerful hypnosis audio to help make quick changes. Your mind is a computer and the computer only follows the instructions it is given. Hypnosis gains access to the subconscious mind, the powerful mind, hypnosis allows change to happen fast, often with hours! Don't struggle though limitations when hypnosis can help you today.
You can order
Hypnosis CDs or even download Hypnosis MP3 files directly from this site and begin to make positive changes today.

David Knight offers a Free 30 minute Internet coaching session before you purchase any program. Click Schedule to arrange a call from David Knight in person.

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David Knight Life Coach

David Knight
Life Coach
Motivational Speaker

Office: 01609 778889
Mobile: 07721 000999

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